Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tampa Trade Brokers?

We are a commercial trading network in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties. Since 2013, we’ve helped our members buy and sell products and services with an alternative currency known as trade dollars.

What services does Tampa Trade Brokers provide?

Tampa Trade Brokers provides a marketplace for businesses to exchange goods and services, allowing them to increase sales, cash flow and profit. We recruit members through referrals and our direct sales force. We authorize and maintain records of member sales and purchases with trade dollars.  We provide an easy-to-read detailed monthly statement, along with 24-hour access to your account via our website and mobile app.

How do Tampa Trade Brokers members benefit?

As a member, you can increase sales, reduce excess inventory and downtime, and conserve cash by obtaining goods and services with trade dollars instead of cash. Check out more benefits here.

How does Tampa Trade Brokers work?

Members list products or services on the Tampa Trade Brokers marketplace. You earn trade dollars on every sale and spend trade dollars on goods and services you need. (Each trade dollar is equivalent to one U.S. dollar). Your Trade Broker can assist you with sales and purchases. You can also search and conduct trades through our website or mobile app.

How do trades happen?

Our state-of-the-art eCommerce platform makes it easy for you to conduct trades and manage your account. Our platform allows you to:

  • Post products and services for sale.
  • Conduct trade transactions online or via mobile app in real time.
  • Search for vendors.
  • Check your account status 24/7.
How much does it cost to be a member of Tampa Trade Brokers?

Tampa Trade Brokers offers a no risk membership for 60 days to new members.  There is no sign up fee.  Companies incur a commission (5%) based on the trade dollar price of the transaction. In addition, after 60 days, members pay a modest administrative fee of $10 monthly. Contact a Trade Broker for more information at

How do I access my account or process a trade?

Managing your account with Tampa Trade Brokers is easier than ever with online access and our mobile app. Trades can be conducted 24 hours a day through our website, mobile app, or automated phone system.

What is a Trade Broker?

A trade broker is your account manager. They are assigned to your account to assist you with your needs and promote your business. No matter if you’re looking for new customers or a way to use your trade dollars wisely, our staff can assist you.

How does the Marketplace work?

Many times a Tampa Trade Brokers client may have goods and services that they would like to trade that fall outside the area of their primary business. Using the Member Marketplace, clients can post these items online. Concert tickets, automobiles, collectibles and just about anything you can think of can be posted to the Marketplace on the Tampa Trade Brokers website. Then, other clients can browse the Marketplace to find the goods and services listed and complete a trade with the seller. It’s all facilitated on the Tampa Trade Brokers website in the Member Marketplace.


There are no tax advantages or disadvantages to Tampa Trade Brokers clients.

Sales Tax: When you spend, sales tax is paid in cash. When you sell, you then collect the sales tax in cash and pay the government in cash. 

Income Tax: Report all sales as income via the 1099B. All purchases would be expensed, just as you would any cash expense.