How Barter Works

How Does Tampa Trade Brokers Work?

Tampa Trade Brokers increases profits by utilizing excess capacity to generate incremental business, reduce cash expenditures and fund un-budgeted expansion. This is accomplished without making any changes in how you do business. All you will do is add an additional form of payment. If you currently accept cash, check or credit cards, you can accept trade dollars now too!

Here’s how it works:

  • You list your products or services in our network
  • You earn trade dollars on every sale (One trade dollar is equivalent to One U.S. dollar)
  • You spend trade dollars on goods and services you need
  • You have a broker assigned to your account to promote your business and help you spend your trade

How will Tampa Trade Brokers save my business money?

All businesses have their own needs and ways of doing business.  Barter can assist with those needs and ways of doing business without drastically impacting current cashflow. 

For example, a clothing store has an average mark-up of 100%. The wholesale cost of a jacket is $100. The regular sale price of that same jacket is $200.

The Clothing Store wants to run an advertising campaign with a budget of $5,000.  Before joining Tampa Trade Brokers the typical cost would look something like this:

  • Cash: cost = $5,000 from current cash flow or cash reserves
  • Credit: cost = approximately $7,000 including financing costs

After the Clothing Store joins Tampa Trade Brokers a new form of currency offers new opportunities:

The clothing store owner now makes $5,000 of NEW retail clothing sales through the Tampa Trade Brokers system. These new sales allow the clothing store owner to purchase the advertising campaign using trade dollars instead of cash!

What are the savings to the Clothing Store by using Tampa Trade Brokers?

  • Actual cost of the $5,000 inventory = $2,500
  • Actual cost of the advertising campaign to the Clothing Store = $2,500
  • New gross profits created = $2,500
  • Commission to Tampa Trade Brokers = $250
  • Total Net Profits created using Tampa Trade Brokers = $2,250

The above illustration shows you how bartering works on a local level. Using our network of members, finding what you need is easier than ever before. Through our trade affiliates, you will have access to products and services not only locally, but around the world.


Tampa Trade Brokers has been a great asset to my Company. I have purchased presents for our girls during the holidays, honeymoons, daytrips, catering plus dining and entertainment. The staff is more than helpful, even helping us purchase live Christmas Trees on barter during the holidays! It is wonderful to spend the barter dollars we earn with our housekeeping services!
Joanne, Maid to Order

I’ve been involved with up to four barter networks in the past 15 years. I have successfully bought and sold services and hard goods. Using this method instead of spending cash out of my pocket I have managed to use barter to maintain a good lifestyle.
Pat, Pat Clark Art

To whom this may reach. We here at 3 Guys Moving have been a part of Tampa Trade Brokers for several years now. I would like to encourage any business that want to increase sales and benefit from the many businesses affiliated with Tampa Trade Brokers, to join like we did.
Mark, Three Guys Moving

"Thank you Tampa Trade Brokers for all of your hard work and efforts! You have softened the blow of the economic hard times with the barter program that you provide. I will always think of your company first when it comes to addressing needs that arise every day." Thank you!

Barter has always been an integral part of my business. It helps me move inventory which would have been difficult to sell normally freeing up space and generating more income.

I never knew barter like this existed. I had lost out on some trades with friends in the past so I was hesitant to try barter again. The friendly people at Tampa Trade Brokers made sure I was comfortable and helped me every step of the way. I now use barter to help my business with advertising, printing and pest control on a regular basis.

As a founding member of Tampa Trade Brokers, I have found that Barter is an excellent source of exposure. My history has shown that I have sold solar panels, jeeps, homes-land and of course repairs on irrigation services in Pinellas County. The professionalism, communication and follow through are definite assets of working with Tampa Trade Brokers
Larry, Sun City Irrigation

You don’t have to be a local member to join! By working with Tampa Trade Brokers I have used Travel, Restaurants and donated to many charities. A new venture is coming out that I am anxious to launch to members of Tampa Trade Brokers and its’ sister barter companies throughout the United States!
John, Bases SEO

We have helped many businesses acquire new cash customers walking through their doors by advertising on barter in our Magazine. It is a great feeling of achievement when you talk to the clients and they share they saw results from advertising in the magazine.
Kathleen, Travelhost of Tampa Bay Magazine

When I first met Kathy with Tampa Trade Brokers I knew that this was going to be a great business opportunity. I have increased my business and met some great people and their Companies. Through this we have exchanged services and I have built some great relationships. Thank you Tampa Trade Brokers.
MaryAnn, Cheap Signs of America